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Resident Artist Kate McGrath

Kate McGrath

I am a proud Awabakal and Guringai woman, living, creating and teaching on Dhawaral Country in the Illawarra. I was born, raised and developed my love of nature, culture and art on Wiradjuri Country in Wagga Wagga.
This passion of mine started after the passing of both my grandparents, the desire and need to document my family tree and share our story felt incredibly strong.


My hope is that through the sharing of stories via my artworks, all individuals Indigenous and non Indigenous will develop a deeper connection to our sacred culture, history and lands. From this I
would love to see a deepening of knowledge and understanding of how important our First Nations peoples narrative is and the role we all play together in protecting, nurturing and preserving our history, culture and connection to our land.


Kokowin-water plays a huge role in my life and is my key inspiration, wether it is the Pamora-river or the Korowan-sea it features in all artworks, as does the Parai-land in particular Tunung-rocks which have always fascinated me from a very young age. Every painting and story is centred around these elements and their representation in each artwork is used in a way to highlight the nourishing and life sustaining nature of these elements. The second inspiration or reason for painting is to Tunganbiliko– Teach and Wiyeliko-tell our story and share our culture and ngukiliko tootoong (spread our message) of the interconnectedness of life and our environment so that as a nation we can Tungkamaliko-learn Malang-together and Powaikaliko-grow.


Australian Indigenous



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