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Resident Artist, Sky Smetanin-Spiers

Sky Smetanin-Spiers

My lifelong interest in the dialectical nature of being is ever present in my paintings. My general love of black and noir landscapes is counterbalanced unapologetically by bold colour palettes; pink shades often taking centre stage that span sweet childlike innocence to fiercely punk pink feminist irreverence. Themes of light and darkness filter onto the canvas through cloud formations, striking landscapes, and eye-catching brazen skies, at once fantastical but reminiscent of the natural world. This is my telling of nature as an indomitable force that reflects our own inner natures. My works are not for feint hearted decorators, but for those who seek art that anchors a room and brings the sky inside.

Creating is not new to me and other than some singing lessons as a teen, I am self-taught in all I create. I spent the first two decades of my life loving drawing, the third consumed with professional singing and writing music, and from this I discovered the relentless lure of the hidden trance in creating. Many hours of my life have passed preoccupied with creating drawing after drawing, song after song and now, painting after painting. I paint most weekends and often weeknights after coming home from my day job and this is my first serious venture into the visual arts.

I’ve always loved the grandeur of big skies, storms, and cloud formations and particularly the skies that are framed by the Illawarra escarpment. I mostly choose an abstract style as I don’t want to think or be ‘correct’ and care about making mistakes. I paint in acrylic, incorporating charcoal and soft pastels at times and I may use brushes, a spray bottle, my fingers, sponges, a toothbrush, a pipette, a cloth, whatever really, depending on image I am trying to create. I love to photograph striking cloud formations over Mt Keira and try to bring them to life on canvas but generally, my creative process is not planned, but rather my attempt at capturing the fleeting mental images I have moments before I apply colour to canvas. It’s almost as if the painting is telling me what it wants, and my job is to keep up. The painting takes on a life of its own and seems to know when it is done.

Circa 64 Gallery is my entry into the world of selling my paintings and I will hold my first exhibition on the 1st of April 2024.


Abstract; Abstract Landscape



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