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Artist Ozlem Savelle

Ozlem Savelle

Happiest rummaging through bush, swimming lakes or salty from the sea. My love for nature, landscape and my surroundings are reflected in my paintings through colour, mark making and use of varied texture in my work. My main motivation is exploring how different textures, washes and methods interact with one another, to form one unique and cohesive visual experience.

I am a self-taught artist from the Sutherland Shire. Originally born in a small town in far North Queensland where the bush meets the reef. I was heavily influenced by the earthy tones and details of indigenous art. This is where my love for art started.

The colours I choose in my work are reflected by those found in coastlines, the earth and stones. If I simply look down at the ground, there is endless inspiration at my feet. The natural patterns and tones in the landscape are the obvious feature in my work. Look deeper into my paintings and see there is heavy texture and rich grittiness that is paired with transparent washes. These side by side create a layered float like feeling. Two opposites that when paired together create something unique and ironically give a sense of balance.





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