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Directors, Circa 64 Gallery


Business Development & Marketing

Hailing from Wollongong, Lisa began her professional journey as a School Teacher. She transitioned into IT education, and then working with Apple and local Government on advanced computer and network installations. Later, she joined a local NSW Government agency, specialising in user-friendly online systems, intranets, and websites.

Beyond the tech world, Lisa has nurtured a lifelong love for art, particularly its theoretical aspects. She's not just an artist but an art geek at heart.

Her artistic journey has seen her successful exhibitions, showcasing her versatility in mediums like ink, watercolour, acrylic, and oil pastels.

Today, Lisa brings together her tech expertise and artistic passion to this new venture, the Circa 64 Gallery online boutique gallery. C64G harmoniously merges Lisa's knowledge of the complexities of technology with the beauty of art - what more could an art and IT geek want!

Directors, Circa 64 Gallery


Collection Curation & Event Management

Renee has been involved in the arts for over 25 years. Her early professional years saw Renee as a successful travel consultant, organising and overseeing many functions and travel expos. Moving with her young family and living in Europe for seven years, on her return Renee followed her passion, art, and succeeded in completing a 5-year Fine Arts Diploma, with a focus in painting, sculpture, print making, and photography.

In her professional career, Renee has mentored many artists, passing on her expertise to emerging artists while bringing their vision of exhibiting to fruition.

Renee offers her professional advice on art pricing, curation labelling and marketing and has assisted and collaborated with many local galleries and businesses to hold profitable art exhibitions generating great sales.

Renee has a thriving art practice of her own and has had numerous successful exhibitions. Her vision and passion are to help other local artists achieve their artistic goals.

We are a two-woman team, devoted to the world of artistic expression, representing a growing and diverse range of talented emerging and established artists. If you share our love for art and colour, you'll unearth some treasures in our online boutique gallery.

Our Talented Artists
We take pride in curating a collection that showcases the remarkable artwork created by our family of artists from the Illawarra, South Coast, and regional areas of NSW. Each new artist application is reviewed by us, and their art is carefully curated based on originality, creativity, cohesiveness, concept, quality of work, level of skill, marketability, and compatibility with our audience.

Selecting Your Art
If you find an artwork in our gallery that you love, buying it online is a breeze. Browse our website to discover all available pieces, or engage our art curation service, should you need guidance in selecting the perfect artwork for your space. Commissions are also available, and we will liaise with you and the artist of your choice, to ensure the new artwork meets your aesthetic needs. Please email


Find your favourite artwork with Circa 64 Gallery today.

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