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Ky Dally

Ky Dally

My art is a holistic approach and is created using printing techniques which aids as a visual dance of emotions, thoughts, and experiences. With each piece, I aim to capture the essence of energy and spontaneous happenings with bold colours, geometry and contrasting elements. Through the synergy of printing methods and a passion for abstraction, my work celebrates the endless possibilities of playful curiosity, pushing the boundaries of what can be seen, felt, and understood.

I am unique, persistent, and unable to be classified.

Ky’s artform is a mix of abstract art and printmaking techniques. It exemplifies the ever-evolving nature of the art world. These two dynamic and captivating forms of artistic personal expression push the boundaries of creativity and imagination. Ky uses visual language of emotions and ideas and takes the viewer on a journey beyond the confines of the recognizable world. It celebrates the power and beauty of vibrant colours, formless shapes and lines to express emotions, provoke thoughts, and challenge perceptions. She breaks free from traditional representational forms, allowing her innermost thoughts and visions to manifest with unparalleled freedom. Each brushstroke or mark becomes a unique exploration of Ky’s inner world, inviting viewers to interpret, connect, and find their own meaning within the abstraction.

Ky invites us to explore the vast spectrum of human innovation and experimentation and to appreciate the boundless possibilities of artistic exploration. Her form of art continues to inspire and capture the essence and openness of the human spirit. Her process involves creating a single, exclusive print that cannot be replicated, making each work a true collector’s gem.




Mixed Media; Print Techniques

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