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Resident Artist, Julie Watkins

Julie Watkins

Nothing gives me more joy than to create and paint in the sunshine under my frangipani trees. I have an inherent desire to create daily and always have. My art reflects the visuals and screen shots of my mind, my travels, and the immediate coastal environment that I’m lucky enough to live in. I always knew one day I would paint, and now have time to devote to it after a 40-year career in teaching and raising a family. Thanks to the thousands of children that I have encountered as a infants /primary teacher, I now appreciate and transfer their positive vibes, simplicity, naivety, and sheer bold freedom into my art. They have indeed taught me much.

My work is defined by intuitive whimsical line marking, usually in white paint and at times textural layers of paint, ink, and paper. I love to paint a story, experimenting with textural lines in collage and layers. My artwork is about the earth we live in, the beauty of memories forged and the world we wish to create. I just love creating beautiful art, portraying a story for others to enjoy.

Julie is an emerging artist residing in Cronulla, south of Sydney. After a forty-year career in teaching and raising a family, it was time for her creative and artistic side to evolve.

She has exhibited in several local art shows, including Hazelhurst Art Gallery, and several exhibitions for 55 Parrots at Bulli.

Julie draws inspiration from the colour palette of Australian landscapes, surrounding beach environments and the beautiful hues and textures of memories of places visited whilst travelling.
Julie’s unique artwork is defined by patterns, layers, texture, and detailed line-making to produce intuitive compositions of beauty and intrigue.


Abstract, Abstract Landscape


Acrylic, Ink, Textured Paste

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