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Professional Framing Service

Levers Art

Buying art is a wonderful way to enhance your surroundings, but framing art takes that experience to the next level of perfection. A well-chosen frame is the final touch that transforms a simple purchase into a timeless masterpiece, enriching your environment with both beauty and meaning.


Levers Art

At Circa 64 Gallery, we've teamed up with Wollongong's trusted art supply and framing business - Levers. Levers provides the largest range of art materials on the south coast and are the longest established picture framer in the Illawarra. With their extensive experience, particularly in framing, they'll assist you in selecting the ideal frame for your newly purchased piece of art. Their professionalism ensures that your artwork will be presented in the best possible way, enhancing its visual appeal and protecting its longevity. With Levers' guidance, your art will achieve a level of perfection that goes beyond aesthetics, making your experience of art even more fulfilling.

If you are interested in engaging Levers to frame your works of art, please be sure to let their friendly team know you were referred by Circa 64 Gallery.



02 4228 8866

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