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Simone Read

Simone Read

I am inspired by the beauty of the natural world around me. My love of gum trees, ocean pools and the Hawkesbury River make me feel so fortunate to live in a country where these are amongst us so freely. They are sacred grounds on which we can gain so much from.

The natural world provides such a continual source of inspiration for me and my art.

Over the past couple of years, I have been exploring the beauty of Eucalyptus trees, particularly their bark and figurative limbs. The variety of colours, forms, textures and shapes are truly magnificent when you take the time to stop and closely observe. Through this practice I invite my audience to view my paintings as a reflection on time and place; to stop and consider the world around us and notice its’ absolute beauty.

My process has many layers that begin quite intuitively allowing the background to form through the uncontrolled nature of the inks I use. For me, this organic application marries nicely with nature itself. I work quite quickly to begin with to create a sense of energy and movement in the work and allow the inks to merge and create their own colour palette.

I then use a very fine (size 0) brush to add line and detail, following the organic shapes that have been made. It is now that I seem to enter a meditative state and become completely immersed in my work, seeking harmony and a balance that is quite spiritual to experience.

My name is Simone Read and I am a proud Australian Landscape Artist living and working on Dharug Country.


Still Life


Acrylic Ink

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