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Resident Artist Josephine Hill

Josephine Hill

With her passion to capture the magnificence and majesty of the places which surround us, Josephine creates works that capture moments of wonder and awe.

She is an Australian contemporary artist, who abstracts the ordinary representation of place, expertly weaving a narrative from organic shapes, colours and lines to bring her interpretations to life. A background in colour design influences her unique style as she uses hues to translate her experiences of a place in unexpected ways.

She believes that Art is transformative and creates work that stirs emotion, evokes a memory and encourages a story to be shared.

Josephine’s works are featured in homes across Australia and internationally.

Josephine has created all her life, as a way of making connections and interpreting the world around her. She experiments with a variety of mediums, currently working predominantly with acrylic on canvas.

Beauty in the simplest of forms, particularly in the natural world has always captivated her. She often collects a fallen leaf, rock, petal, stick, returning to her studio to carefully explore their lines, shape and colours. These observations can form the basis of a colour pallet to use later in her work. Rarely does she use a standard colour from a tube, she is particular about the hues she paints and can spend hours mixing colour to realise what she perceives as ‘just right’. Many layers are applied in her work to achieve the desired opacity of a colour.

Josephine passionately believes that being in nature brings a profound sense of calm, increased wellbeing and a heightened sense of creativity. Through her work she invites us to pause, breath and to reconnect with the profound beauty that surrounds us. She provides opportunities for individual interpretation and stories of shared experiences that connect us.

Due to her previous experience in design, she creates work that sits comfortably in a number of settings. Her collectors continue to steadily grow.

Josephine has exhibited in several group and solo exhibitions.

In 2022 she was a finalist in the Lethbridge Gallery Landscape Prize – Salon Des Refuses.

In 2023 her work was amongst the finalists in the Brisbane Rotary Art Show.

The warm days, changing light, and her observations of the ways of water has inspired this collection of artworks available exclusively at Circa 64 Gallery.


Abstract Landscape



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