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"Wolombai, is a representation of life's intricate journey, a layering of experiences that beautifully entwines the past, present, and future. The layers-upon-layers in the painting mirror the overlaps in our individual journeys, weaving a narrative that speaks to the profound connection between our origins, current moments, and the unseen pathways ahead. Much like the designed plan from the creator, the artwork captures the essence of life's unfolding story—from the moment we draw our first breath to the quiet exhale of our last. The colours and movement within the image embody the contrasting, mixed nature of life's moments. The bold and subtle interplay reflects the myriad experiences encountered along the journey, highlighting the diverse hues of joy, challenge, growth, and reflection.


"Wolombai" evolves into a visual ode, an inspired journey delving into the ever-shifting tapestry of life. Each stroke becomes a pivotal point, representing the convergence between past, present, and future and the profound and intricate dance of life."


Original indigenous artwork by Kate McGrath.


  • Style: Contemporary Australian Indigenous

    Medium: Acrylic on canvas panel

    Dimensions: Width 53cm x Height 73cm

    Framed: White mat board using high quality, sustainably sourced engineered wood and reflective glass

    Signed by the artist: on the front of the artwork, bottom corner

    Certificate of Authenticity: available on request at checkout

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