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"Tirangkaliko is a vivid tapestry inspired by the spirit of awakening and perpetual movement. Earthy tones of blues, greens, browns, and yellows blend seamlessly, mirroring the hues of the land and embodying the dynamic essence of the natural world. Contrasting this earthly palette, a soft, peachy-orange hue, reminiscent of the dreaming, gracefully hovers over the scene, infusing the composition with a sense of ethereal enchantment.Within this magical dance, the canvas transforms into a symphony of life, where each stroke tells the intricate story of the Earth. Animal footprints, scattered berries, and tranquil waterholes come together in a harmonious narrative, depicting the interconnected web of life. This artwork is not merely a visual representation but an inspired journey through the artist's connection to the Earth, reflecting the profound tales of the land, its creatures, and the delicate dance between flora and fauna. "Tirangkaliko" becomes a poetic celebration, inviting viewers to explore the rich symbolism and vibrant hues that embody the spirit of life's intricate symphony."


Original indigenous artwork by Kate McGrath.


  • Style: Contemporary Australian Indigenous

    Medium: Acrylic on canvas panel

    Dimensions: Width 53cm x Height 73cm

    Framed: White mat board using high quality, sustainably sourced engineered wood and reflective glass

    Signed by the artist: on the front of the artwork, bottom corner

    Certificate of Authenticity: available on request at checkout

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