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"The Storm, No Calm," a monoprint by the talented artist Ky Dally, is a powerful representation of life's turbulence and unpredictability. This mixed media abstract artwork employs a striking colour palette, featuring yellow, pinks, blue and green, creating a vivid visual narrative of chaos and intensity. The large black and white circles scattered throughout the composition serve as a metaphor for the idea that what goes around comes around, emphasising the cyclical nature of life's challenges and struggles. The swirling hues and dark circles create an overwhelming sensation, echoing the feeling of being caught in a tempestuous storm, where calm is hard to find. Dally's "The Storm, No Calm" encapsulates the human experience of grappling with adversity and feeling submerged in the relentless currents of life's complexities. It evokes a sense of urgency and reminds us that amid chaos and challenges, we must find our own resilience and navigate through the storm with determination and strength.


This artwork impresses as a solo piece, but combining two or more of Ky Dally's creations, is extremely effective and powerful.

The Storm, No Calm

  • Style: Abstract.
    Medium: Mixed media - acrylic, oil, printing ink, collage.
    Substrate: 110lb smooth cardboard.
    Frame: Matted in wooden frame under glass. Ready to hang.
    Size:  Width 19.0 cm x Height 24.1 cm x Depth 0.3 cm (measurement on artwork within matt)
    Width 28.0 cm x Height 35.5 cm x Depth 0.3 cm (including matt)
    Signed by the artist: On the back of the artwork.
    Certificate of Authenticity: Supplied on request.

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