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"Rain, Sun & Soil," a monoprint creation by the talented artist Ky Dally, is a harmonious blend of mixed media abstract art that weaves a compelling narrative of growth and survival. The rich colour palette, comprising warm yellows and reds for the sun, cool blues for the water, and earthy metallic browns for the soil, creates a visceral connection with the viewer. These colours not only stimulate the senses but also symbolise the essential elements required for life to flourish. The fiery warmth of the sun, the tranquil coolness of water, and the nurturing embrace of the earth all converge in a mesmerising dance of hues. The artwork resonates with a message of resilience, reminding us of the delicate balance that sustains life. Each colour represents an indispensable facet of existence, and the interplay between them invites contemplation on the intricate relationships that underpin our world.


"Rain, Sun & Soil" is a visual testament to the profound beauty and fragility of life, urging us to cherish and protect the elements that nurture our existence. This artwork impresses as a solo piece, but combining two or more of Ky Dally's creations, is extremely effective and powerful.

Rain, Sun & Soil

  • Style: Abstract.
    Medium: Mixed media - acrylic, oil, printing ink, collage.
    Substrate: 110lb smooth cardboard.
    Frame: Matted in wooden frame under glass. Ready to hang.
    Size:  Width 19.0 cm x Height 24.1 cm x Depth 0.3 cm (measurement on artwork within matt)
    Width 28.0 cm x Height 35.5 cm x Depth 0.3 cm (including matt)
    Signed by the artist: On the back of the artwork.
    Certificate of Authenticity: Supplied on request.

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