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"Open Thoughts," a monoprint by the artist Ky Dally, is a visually stunning and emotionally uplifting piece of mixed media abstract art. The colour palette, a harmonious blend of warm tones and blues, creates an inviting and serene atmosphere, evoking feelings of warmth, happiness, and positive vibrations. The artist's symbolic black circles are strategically placed within the composition, adding depth and a sense of inter-connectedness to the artwork. These circles may represent the fluid and open nature of thoughts, free from constraints and limitations. "Open Thoughts" exudes a sense of mental and emotional freedom, encouraging the viewer to embrace positive and open-minded thinking. The warm tones create a comforting atmosphere, while the blue hues evoke a sense of calm and serenity.


Dally's artwork serves as a visual invitation to explore one's thoughts with an open heart and mind, fostering an environment of warmth and positivity. This artwork makes a strong impression when displayed on its own, but combined with two or more of Ky Dally's creations, it becomes remarkably impactful and potent.

Open Thoughts

  • Style: Abstract.
    Medium: Mixed media - acrylic, oil, printing ink, collage.
    Substrate: 110lb smooth cardboard.
    Frame: Matted in wooden frame under glass. Ready to hang.
    Size:  Width 19.0 cm x Height 24.1 cm x Depth 0.3 cm (measurement on artwork within matt)
    Width 28.0 cm x Height 35.5 cm x Depth 0.3 cm (including matt)
    Signed by the artist: On the back of the artwork.
    Certificate of Authenticity: Supplied on request.

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