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"'Muni', draws inspiration not only from the timeless connection between our Indigenous Australian lore and the cosmic tapestry above but also from the enchanting allure of the Aurora Australis, the 'Southern Lights.' These shimmering curtains, gracefully dancing in the night sky, serve as a celestial bridge to the vast expanse of the Milky Way. As we gaze upon these celestial dancers, we are beckoned to explore the profound connection they forge to our ancestors and spirits. The Milky Way, a luminous river of stars, becomes the celestial highway through which the spirits of our forebears traverse, weaving their timeless narratives into the fabric of the night. The shimmering curtains, an ethereal manifestation of cosmic energies, serve as luminous whispers carrying the wisdom and presence of those who came before us."


Original indigenous artwork by Kate McGrath.


  • Style: Contemporary Australian Indigenous

    Medium: Acrylic on canvas panel

    Dimensions: Width 53cm x Height 73cm

    Framed: White mat board using high quality, sustainably sourced engineered wood and reflective glass

    Signed by the artist: on the front of the artwork, bottom corner

    Certificate of Authenticity: available on request at checkout

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