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This painting tells the story of Mother Earth, the primal force from which all life springs forth. Her form, sculpted from the very elements of the earth, exudes warmth and vitality, mirroring the nurturing spirit that pulses through the heart of existence. With tender eyes that hold the wisdom of ages, she watches over her children—the people, the plants, and the creatures—with a love that knows no bounds. Her gentle touch, like the caress of a gentle breeze, guides the growth of forests and the blooming of flowers, ensuring the perpetuation of life's endless cycle. Within her embrace, the world finds solace and sanctuary, cradled in the loving arms of its eternal mother. She is the cradle of creation, the guardian of all that is, and in her presence, one finds the profound beauty of life's enduring dance.


Original indigenous artwork by Kate McGrath.

Guardian of Life II

  • Style: Contemporary Australian Indigenous

    Medium: Acrylic on canvas panel

    Dimensions: Width 30cm x Height 30cm

    Framed: Floating pine frame

    Signed by the artist: on the front of the artwork

    Certificate of Authenticity: Supplied

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