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In "Big City Lights," a captivating monoprint by artist Ky Dally, the viewer is drawn into a vivid and dynamic representation of urban life. The artwork, a mixed media abstract, cleverly combines a lively colour palette of bright yellow and green with the contrasting black and white, which evoke the bustling atmosphere of a metropolis. The electric yellow and green hues brilliantly mimic the vibrancy of city lights, casting a radiant and optimistic glow. In the middle of this luminous exuberance, the black and white elements take on the appearance of sleek skyscrapers and urban structures, forming the backbone of the city.


Dally's composition encourages the viewer to focus on the illuminating aspects of the city, symbolising positivity and hope amidst the daily grind. "Big City Lights" serves as a reminder to seek out the brightness in life's chaos, to embrace the positive energy that radiates from the bustling streets, and to appreciate the dazzling lights that symbolise the potential for optimism even in the heart of the city.


Alone, this artwork makes a strong impression, but combined and hung with two or more of Ky Dally's creations, it becomes remarkably impactful and potent.

Big City Lights

  • Style: Abstract.
    Medium: Mixed media - acrylic, oil, printing ink, collage.
    Substrate: 110lb smooth cardboard.
    Frame: Matted in wooden frame under glass. Ready to hang.
    Size:  Width 19.0 cm x Height 24.1 cm x Depth 0.3 cm (measurement on artwork within matt)
    Width 28.0 cm x Height 35.5 cm x Depth 0.3 cm (including matt)
    Signed by the artist: On the back of the artwork.
    Certificate of Authenticity: Supplied on request.

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