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Image by Europeana

Artist Spotlight
Josephine Hill

With her passion to capture the magnificence and majesty of the places which surround us, Josephine Hill creates works that capture moments of wonder and awe.

She is an Australian contemporary artist, who abstracts the ordinary representation of place, expertly weaving a narrative from organic shapes, colours and lines to bring her interpretations to life. A background in colour design influences her unique style as she uses hues to translate her experiences of a place in unexpected ways.

She believes that Art is transformative and creates work that stirs emotion, evokes a memory and encourages a story to be shared. Josephine’s works are featured in homes across Australia and internationally.


All artworks in our Mini range, are $300 or less, and 30cm x 30cm or less.
Perfect for that cosy corner nook or a shelfie in your office, bedroom or kitchen.